Phuket Guide

Pa Hin Dam and Nui beach – Pin it for your next trip to Phuket

Phuket visitors often ask themselves, where can they go that out of the beaten tourist tracks. Most would have thought, there should not be places people never set their foot on this famous island of Thailand. Although Phuket is a well known tourist destination for both hemispheres, it never seized to amaze me with new hidden corners of this island called the Pearl of Andaman Sea.

If you happened to be on the south side of Phuket, along Kata and Karon beaches. One of the best kept secret of southern Phuket gem is Pa Hin Dam or the Black Rock viewpoint. Not many people know about it that it was discovered, still not many people actually visited, it might be because both Pa Hin Dam and Nui beach required a healthy physical person. You do not need to be an athlete, however being physically fit will be required. There is a dirt road entrance and more than a kilometer walk down and up the steep hill, and this is why it was been kept untouched for a long time, otherwise it would have been discovered by public long ago.

Actually getting there is not pretty straight forward, from Kata Karon viewpoint on 4030 road, drive south 400 meters, you will find parking for the entrance to Nui Beach and Pa Hin Dam on your right. Here is where your adventure begin. The dirt road leading to both attractions, get off your vehicle and walk along that road for about a kilometer then you will find a three-way intersection, right to Nui beach, left to Pa Hin Dam, choice is yours.

To Nui beach, one of the most exclusive beach on the island. Enjoy your physical exercise down to the beach and there are small shop selling drink on the beach to quench your thirst. Locals are friendly and you can spend your time worshiping the sun there as long as you want, just make sure that you have enough time to walk back before it is too dark since there is no accommodation available.

Getting to Pa Hin Dam use the road on the left at the intersection or hike up from Nui beach, once you are there, the spectacular panoramic view of Phuket beaches and small islands will make you forget all those sweats along the way. You will have an impressive view of the famous Promthep cape, the southern tip of Phuket where most people go to watch the sunset. If you would like to stay and watch the sunset from this view point, make sure to carry a flash light with you, because after sunset the path out can be quite dark.

Luxe-villas properties are located within 4-5 kilometers to Pa Hin Dam, less than 2 minutes drive to the parking at the entrance of Nui beach and Pa Hin Dam. You can enjoy the hidden Phuket gem while staying with us. For more information, please send your enquiry on the contact page.